Who We Are

ES Global facilitates the introduction of US products into Asian markets. We work with brands we believe in to provide international marketing services, third party logistics, and trade agency services that allow our clients to seamlessly enter new markets.

What We Do


Strategic marketing of your products overseas to maximize exposure and drive sales.

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Third Party

Warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled to your needs and market conditions.

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Trade Agency

Seamless importing and exporting of your products to minimize your risk and maximize your ROI.

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How We Help You Succeed

ES Global Extensive Market Research


International expansion should be backed by data. We will study trends in your desired market, calculate consumption of products that are similar to yours, identify and assess both international and domestic competition and market share, and pinpoint potential trade barriers. We’ll then provide you with a detailed report of our findings.

ES Global Product Feasibility Analysis


Wondering whether your product could be successful in a new market? Before you make an investment in entering a new market, we will determine how well your product will be received. Our team of analysts will conduct a product feasibility assessment to identify any hurdles and mitigate the risk of bringing a product to market in a new country.

ES Global Robust International Trade Shows


Custom, eye-catching booth design, coupled with visuals and samples will propel your product into the hands of consumers. Our team handles every aspect of trade show participation, from concepting to design and sales to follow ups. We will actively seek out well-attended shows and will utilize this platform to connect with retailers and customers.

ES Global Robust International Network


With almost two decades of experience in bringing US brands to market overseas, we’ve developed a network of retailers, customers, influencers, and community leaders that will pave the way for your product. Our relationships allow us to exist on the front lines of the markets we serve, and provide us with an opportunity to remain abreast of emerging trends.

ES Global Foreign Language


The regulations regarding label and marking requirements, as well as foreign language packaging are stringent. Our team can translate your packaging and labels and repackage or relabel your products efficiently before bringing them to market overseas. Our process for repackaging or relabeling allows your product to reach consumers quicker.

ES Global International Customers


We will assess your product's unique properties, and identify a target demographic within the international market. We will pinpoint the characteristics of your target market to create a customer profile, and provide you with the outlets necessary to reach your ideal buyer. This information will allow you to market efficiently, eliminating wasted energy and putting your product in the right hands.

Why Choose ES Global


Expanding internationally provides you with an opportunity to grow sales by reaching new markets.


Our experience allows you to bring your product to a new market, without the risk of costly mistakes.


Working with our team provides cost-efficiencies that are unachievable with an internal team overseas.

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