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We are connectors. We know that across cultures there is one thing that unites us, and that is the desire to provide only the best for our families. In 2004, founder, Jinae Kang, created a company that would bring happy, healthy products from the US into happy, healthy homes in Asia. Specifically focused on the Korean market, Jinae built a business that is well-respected in both the US and Korea. ES Global makes launching your products into Asian markets easily possible. We have a proven, streamlined approach to global sales expansion, that is founded on our ability to connect people to products. Our network of retailers and relationships allows us a unique opportunity to identify and capitalize on opportunities to introduce your product to the market, to build a base of customers, and to increase sales, all while minimizing the risk and cost associated with selling globally.

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We are on a mission to connect people to products. We're committed to providing value to our clients by respecting your resources, confidentiality and trust, and by always striving to deliver the highest possible return on your investment. We credit our team of employees and our network of global relationships with our success, and we prioritize the care and consideration of all parties, encouraging input from those involved whenever possible.

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